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RF-4E Pair, Immelmann+IDF

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Thanks guys for the comments! Seems I may have longer wait before I start, so should be able to finish it a little better.

Tim- I use Rustins Paint Driers, it makes Xtracolor able to handle in anything from 1 hr to overnight for complete curing, massively helps with using that paint imho. I add usually a drop of two to any enamel paint and it makes it dry so much faster, pretty much eliminating acrylics traditional advantage of drying speed.

Hockeyboy-SO many stencils, I think I only ended up applying 65% of them, whoever applies all of those Isradecal stencils deserves a medal! Yes a few little bits pitot, aerials, chute cone etc..left to finish :)


David. (Still not got round to finishing it yet)

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