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1/72 Admiral Grumman F4F-3 "Wildcat Aces"

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Starting this kit is an attempt at regaining my interest in modeling. Lost interest due to the mad cow attack and my father having a heart attack. His time is up, he is 82 smoked for 70 years, but has excellent lungs.

According to Admiral's instructions you can build an F4F-3, F4F-3A, F4F-3P and a Martlett Mk III and I think if you don't cut the fuselage you can build a Martlett Mk I.







This is the first step - cut the fuselage. I am not so sure of the second cut though.

I am wondering if these instructions a for their FM2.


Thanks for looking.


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Looks like you are correct. The tail in the parts you have look more f4f-3-ish than FM-2. I've got one in the mail. If you havent solved it beforehand, I'll let you know. I think they've just put the wrong piece of paper in.

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