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Hi everyone . I started building the F-4 as an Aegean Blue fighter of the Hellenic Air Force . This is my progress so far . Hope you like it . Sorry for the photos ( the model is blue but in some photos seems to be grey ) .

16932358489_2a7a59528b_b.jpgP4120229 by nionios_v, on Flickr
16496043524_7e0d6f79eb_b.jpgP4120219 by nionios_v, on Flickr
16930688138_9f4aca8907_b.jpgP4120220 by nionios_v, on Flickr
16911092257_e0b7b4f5fe_b.jpgP4120221 by nionios_v, on Flickr
16930929340_42e29fedfd_b.jpgP4120222 by nionios_v, on Flickr
16930737998_c3cc7e367e_b.jpgP4120230 by nionios_v, on Flickr
17118535215_d2e46d7aff_b.jpgP4120223 by nionios_v, on Flickr
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I think that this is the end! Hope you like it !

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