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Tornado gr1 intake ramps

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Hi guys. Building the revell 1/48 tonka using xtradecal set for za470 circa 1984. I have a query on intake ramps before i fix their position.

What position would they be in with the aircraft parked up? I know at some point they were fixed in position but not when. Also in 84 would the kruger flaps be in use and how would they be positioned when "parked".


PS LRMTS should have been fitted by then too yes?

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If I remember right the intake ramps were inhibited after the LRMTS fairings were fitted and the Krugers were inhibited at the same time, so on they were all in the retracted position. I first saw the laser fairing fitted in late 83 when I was on 617. Hth.

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Hi guys,

been off line for a while due to re-locating from Norfolk to Flintshire. Regarding the intake ramps and Krueger flaps, the ramps were inhibited when the LRMTS fairing was fitted. However, the Krueger flaps were still being used in 1987 at Bruggen. They were inhibited and locked closed soon afterwards though.

Happy days


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