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TAMIYA 1/32 F4U-1A with some aftermarket stuff

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Hi guys,as you may know i have posted some pictures of the cockpit already, this is my new proyect, i hope it will turn ok, this time i will build in a different sequence, i will start with all the smal pieces like cockpit, engine, landing gear, doors , and extra aftermarket pieces then i will start putting all together, so in the beggining you only will see pictures of this parts then will come the build itself.

I started with the EDUARD resin cockpit modified so it will be a 1A, here are some pictures






too bad that most of the details will be hidden once the cockpit is close in the fuselage, that is why i took this pictures

this is the model engine, just added the wires, the exhaust is just dry fit at the moment, but the joint of the exhaus wont be visible thanks to the cowling flap doors



the after market engine accesory section almost done, need to add some wires and hoses


and the fuselage ready to be closed, with the Eduard resin cockpit module in place


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Yeah, right- you got ahold of a 1:1 Corsair, disassembled the cockpit, set it up in you garage and made it look like the Tamiya kit interior :) Seriously, it's outstanding and I look forward to following the progress.

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Just as Julian finished his top build we get treated with a new one, this is fantastic! Will follow this one for sure, really like your previous work. How is your The Huff Sabre doing by the way?


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Hi guys, not much done so far, just finished both main gear and tires, to me they look ok, need the opinion if something is missing or wrong




Also i managed to close the fuselage and the engine accessory compartment is almost done, some minor touch up to do



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this will be the last update for 8 days, got to fly out of the country, i finished the propeller, looks worn but i think it is ok if you visualize this birds working on sand runways on the airplanes i fly the propos get worst in paved runways so i thinks this one is ok for my taste smile.png



and here is a general view of the bent wing bird so far, little by little is starting to look like a Corsair


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finally managed to find some time to sit in front of the desk, started the center wing assembly and painted the wheel wells i think they look ok

here is a picture of the wheel wells without the gear


and here with the landing gear



also i tried the color of tamiya for the rudder


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Wow! That's a fabulous looking kit with lot's of gorgeous details, that you're making a fantastic job of! Can't wait to see this baby come to fruition! :):clap2::clap2::thumbsup:



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enjoyed looking at this, really great painting. i'm planning on making this kit next month and have been looking for the right colour blue, can you tell me what colour you are going to paint it please.

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