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Jagdstaffel 17. 1:32 Pheon Decals


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Jagdstaffel 17


1:32 Pheon Decals



[Edit] Completed build of option 5. Albatros D.Va serial u/k, Hptm. Rudolph Freiherr von Esebeck, Douilly (?), March 1918. Here [/Edit]


Jasta 17 is perhaps best known through its 36 victory ace, Julius Buckler, who rose through the ranks to become it's commanding officer in the last few months of the Great war. He was a popular and effective leader who instilled an esprit de corps amongst his men. Buckler wrote a book about his war experiences 'Malaula! The Battle Cry of Jasta 17' which can still be readily found via internet booksellers.

Initially equipped with the Albatros D.II and D.III, the unit is know to have subsequently operated the Albatros D.V and Va, Pfalz D.XII, and the Fokker D.VII. This new set of decals from Pheon covers fourteen individual aircraft from this period.

The Albatros D.III was, in my opinion, the best looking of the series so it is pleasing to see that as well as a D.II, there are three options for them. Bucklers 'Mops' is a personal favourite, and one I will be pleased to add to my collection. The D.V and V.a's have the lions share of attractive schemes. There are six to choose from, any one of which will produce a lovely looking model. Finally there are three Fokker D.V.II's and an update for a Pfalz D.XII from an earlier Pheon sheet 32030.

The Fokkers are all new to me, with all three being Albatros built machines (which is the last of the D.VII kits still currently available from Wingnut Wings. Get them while you can). The yellow outlined machine of Ltn. Alfred Fleischer looks particularly attractive, especially if you select the yellow outlined black tail.




1. Albatros D.II (OAW) 933/16, Vzfw Jakob Wolff, Metz-Frescaty, February 1917.
2. Albatros D.III 2033/16 Vzfw Julius Buckler, St.Quentin-le-Petit, April 1917.
3. Albatros D.III (OAW) 1694/17, Ltn Alfred Träger, St.Quentin-le-Petit, June 1917.
4. Albatros D.III serial u/k, Ltn. Gunther Schuster, St.Quentin-le-Petit, June 1917.



5. Albatros D.Va serial u/k, Hptm. Rudolph Freiherr von Esebeck, Douilly (?), March 1918.
6. Albatros D.V 4408/17, Vzfw Georg Strasser, Rethéuil Ferme, Winter 1917/18.
7. Albatros D.V Serial u/k, Oblt Hubertus Freiherr von Rudno-Rudzinski, Wasquehal, October 1917.
8. Albatros D.Va (OAW) serial u/k, Ltn Alfred Fleischer, Ercheu, June 1918.



9. Albatros D.V serial u/k, Ltn Alfred Träger, Wasquehal, September 1918.
10. Albatros D.Va, serial u/k, Ltn Alfred Träger, Rethéuil Ferme, January 1918.




11. Pfalz D.XII 1416/18 Pilot u/k, Vivaise September 1918.
12. Fokker D.VII (Alb), seial u/k, Ltn Alfred Fleischer, Vivaise, late July 1918.
13. Fokker D.VII (Alb), seial and pilot u/k, Vivaise, late July 1918.
14. Fokker D.VII (Alb), seial u/k, Ltn. Gunther Schuster, Vivaise, late July 1918.





I really like these decal sets that cover squadrons or Jastas over a period of time. The variety of aircraft involved means that you usually get to use more of the decals than you do with a single type sheet. To increase the temptation Pheon only charge post and packing once per order, so ordering other sheets at the same time drops the unit cost per model even further.

It is not just the model making that interests me, I also like to know the stories around some of the characters. It seems that Pheon share this interest, as their instruction booklets often contain little snippets of information about the personalities. For example, Ltn Alfred Fleischer (option 😎 was assisted to emigrate to the USA in 1961 by Colonel Cliff McElvain of the USAF, a man who had been shot down by Fleischer in WW1. McElvain's name appears again on the Fokker D.VII in option 14. He shot Ltn. Gunther Schustser down in this aircraft in 1918

The Instructions are clear and honest about any areas of uncertainty, of which there is no shortage in the art of interpreting old WW1 black and white photographs. Explanations are given to support particular interpretations, which all seem very plausible to me and I wouldn't disagree.

Printing of the actual decal sheets is by Fantasy Printshop, so quality is assured. The printing itself is sharp and in perfect register on thin and minimal carrier film. No duplication is made with items that will be found in the base kit, so you only get national markings etc where they are needed. This leaves more room free for unique markings, and allows the fourteen options presented here to all fit.
If you build Wingnut Wings and Roden kits, you will love these decals. They are clearly a labour of love for Pheon, and it shines through in the quality of the product and the originality of their subjects. The set is only £15.75 + P&P direct from Pheon, which is only charged once per order no matter how many sets you purchase, although a price increase in the range of Pheon's sets may soon be due as they have been held down for some time..


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