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P-61B Black Widow Updates (for GWH) 1:48

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P-61B Black Widow Updates (for GWH)
1:48 Eduard


We loved the new(ish) Black Widow from GWH when it arrived, and of course here comes Eduard to make it even better with some addition detail care of a number of Photo-Etch (PE) sets in their familiar flat packaging. As usual the sets are split between areas of interest, and you can either cherry-pick, or go for the Big Ed set that contains them all.

Front Interior (49704)
This set contains a pre-painted self-adhesive PE sheet measuring 7cm x 6cm, plus a bare brass fret measuring 14cm x 7cm, in order to detail-up just the front cockpit. The rear is covered in another set available separately. Why? There's a lot of PE in each set, and both in one set might be too pricey for some modellers, so you have a choice or if economy is paramount, go for the Zoom! set that gives you just the painted fret.


Firstly, the cockpit sidewall detail is removed, and then skinned over with new highly detailed parts, some of which are burnished from behind to give them the correct ribs when applied. A host of small parts are then added to each side of the cockpit walls, and the instrument panel also has its surface detail removed, to be replaced by a highly detailed, pre-painted lamination that will vastly improve the look. The rudder pedals are removed and replaced by much more detailed PE parts, and the duplicated turret control column receives additional parts missing from the kit part. The cockpit floor and aft bulkhead are comprehensively covered by new PE skins, requiring only a few small raised details to be removed beforehand. The crew seats are supplied with a set of pre-painted belts, fixtures to mate them realistically with the aforementioned seat, and even a guide to stop the top straps from wandering away from centre. Even the opening hatch on the canopy roof is given a long folded hinge part, latching edge, hinge-guide and stay to improve the detail even further.


Front Interior Zoom! (FE704)
Containing just the pre-painted self-adhesive set, this is ideal for a closed canopy or limited budget to give extra detail to the cockpit.


Rear Interior (49703)
Again comprising two frets, one of which is pre-painted and self-adhesive, measuring 7cm x 3.4cm, the other in bare brass at 14cm x 7cm. It follows a similar format to the front set, but with very little removed from the kit parts before adding the panels. The rear sidewalls are instead skinned with individual panels that sit between the ribs and stringers, with additional equipment boxes added nearby. The floor has its sparse detail removed and is covered with a new skin, while behind it sits a completely new set of radio and radar gear, built up from folded up boxes mounted on insulating feet and trays, which are added to in each step until a complex and impressive looking assembly is added into the front of the rear cockpit. Crew belts, additional equipment boxes, wiring, and an augmented rear crew hatch are also on the frets, adding up to a busy package.



Undercarriage (48831)
This is the largest set of the three/four, and comes in a larger Ziplok style bag, carrying two frets of bare brass, one measuring 21cm x 13.5cm, the other 9.8cm x 7cm. The nose gear bay is updated first, with a fully skinned interior, an upgraded crew-access door to the rear, wiring bundles and additional parts to improve the detail. The bay doors are given full-length hinges that should reduce the likelihood of them ever falling off, the nose gear is detailed with mud-guard detail improvements, a replacement oleo-scissor link, and a highly detailed retaining cradle for the strut in the retracted position.


Attention then turns to the engine nacelles, and as they are mirror-images of each other, only the right nacelle is shown in the instructions with the numbers for the left to the right, or below the little yin-yang symbols. The shallow front section is re-skinned before being added to the nacelle, which is also totally skinned inside with bay roof and sidewall details, on top of which are added strengthening plates, wiring looms and other small parts, plus a pair of half-moon shaped rack for canisters that you make yourself from 2.9mm x 11mm round profile stock. The bay doors are also hinged as per the nose bay, and the gear legs are given new oleo-scissor links, brake hoses and guides, plus additional detail applied to the wheel hub and retraction jack. Even the front and rear lips to the bays are given edging strips to improve their look. Repeat this for the left engine nacelle, and you will have a superbly detailed set of gear bays to paint up and hide away!


Masks (EX450)
The Black Widow was blessed (cursed?) with myriad panels across its extensively glazed fuselage nacelle, so a set of masks that take the leg-work out of the job will be greatly appreciated by many. The set includes a full set of masks for each panel, custom cut to shape from yellow kabuki-style tape. As a bonus, you get a set of hub masks for each of the wheels that should help with getting a nice crisp (and circular) demarcation between tyre and hub.



Review sample courtesy of

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A comprehensive review which is impressive in MY eyes. :goodjob:

liking their stuff and could go on the wish list of stash hoarding..thank you

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