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I'm working slowly on a 1/24 B-wing- Trying to create the 'Orange spot/ rising sun' version from this Alfred Wong kit- accurizing and scratchbuilding most of the parts so I'm closer to the studio miniature, prefer to ditch the resin. Original miniature was 1/35 scale. The cockpit rotates and it will have LED lighting. Close to 30" in length with metal armature for mounting.







To do - new lower wing gunpod, brass hinges for the wing fold mechanism and revised front office for pilot.....oh and finishing that big Thunderbird 2...

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Ooh that is nice. Good to see a B-Wing in a decent scale.

Look forward to seeing more.



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cor - that's a bit of a monster sized B-Wing you have there - any build updates??

Thanks all. Yes actually working on it right about now. Have fashioned a wing folding mechanism in brass which I had to because the resin kit parts would have sheared off/warped and were not accurate anyway in reference to the orange spot studio miniature. Also built a new wing keel gunpod. Mostly trying to scratch new parts which is taking ages. Thank god I have a dremel....Will try to post pictures tomorrow.


I like this! The b wing hasn't been well served by model companies

Totally, maybe Bandai might step up? When you look at the design it feels like an A-10 Thunderbolt or Skyraider with all the guns and cannons bristling from it- any Tie fighters/Intercepters straying into its field of fire would be powdered into instant star dust. Pity it had little screen time too- think I heard that the thin profile made it disappear in the final cuts.

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Sorry on photo delay. Cockpit nose cone is badly warped due to my over zealous use of heat gun. So will scratch a new one. Anyway quick shots, every part has been modified or scratched. Tedious.








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That's either a small laptop, or the model is HUGE! :blink:

LOL It's a small laptop- but model is big and rather heavy- about 30" from cockpit to keel gunpod.

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They did indeed cut their screen time, due to filming issues. It was originally planned to show a squadron of B-Wings taking a Star Destroyer apart.

Nice work so far. Particularly like the brass hinges. :thumbsup2:

I also have one of these monsters, safely stashed away, so know just how much work is needed.

Seems like you've got it all under control, though. ;)

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This is looking great.

Are these kits still avaiable ?

I think Robert Burns in the States was releasing it again - not sure. If you want a better B-wing go for the Frank & Moe 1/35 scale one as its pretty close to the studio miniature but you'll still need to do a few mods for the orange spot version although you won't need to tear into the model like this one- not sure if its available still though. I had planned on building this 1/24 OOB but when I studied photos of the actual miniature my OCD kicked in and now I'm miserable with fingers super glued together and no fingerprints..

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On 20/04/2017 at 3:43 AM, Neo uk said:

If you do get stuck I've got a vac-formed if you need help.


Thank you appreciate that, I'm refining the buck master and going to give it a go.

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