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My Second SciFi GB entry: Space 1999 Hawk

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So my second entry will be yet another Gerry Anderson production iconic vehicle, this time from the mid 70s and Space 1999, the Hawk.

This vehicle only appeared in one episode (War Games) but was released by Airfix/MPC as a kit so has found an enduring fame. This is not the injection moulded kit from Airfix but the resin version produced by Warp, which is REMARKABLY similar to the Airfix kit... ahem...




So as you can see its resin and white metal. There are no decals in the kit so I'm going to have to do some research to check on that. I had the Airfix kit back in the 70s and I've see studio-scale versions of this and its immediately obvious that the Airfix Saturn V kit plays an important role in the shape of the original studio model :)

I'm not going to be able to start this right now as I'm now building a 6-wheel Tyrell F1 car for the French Fancies GB, but I'll be back here as soon as that build has progressed significantly...

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