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Another Tamiya 1/35 Cromwell

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There seems to have been a few Cromwells appearing on BM recently so I thought I'd show you mine too. This is my first 1/35 armour model and it's been a very enjoyable change from aircraft. So much so that I've got 3 more Tamiya armour kits in the stash now. I would have built it for the Achtung Panzer Group Build but I had already started it.

The Tamiya Cromwell is a fantastic kit. Perfect fit, superb detail, can't fault it. I built it OOB other than the additional of some stowage - some helmets made from cut down spare 30-year old Airfix Multipose US Marine helmets, a pack from the same kit, a rolled groundsheet from tissue paper, camo net from dyed medical gauze and Italeri Jerry Cans in a scratched holder. The only other thing I added was the tow cable stowage hooks made from brass strip, the cable to the floodlight on the turret side and aerials from stretched sprue. I still have the wires from the commander's headset/mic to add.

These photos are not the best but better than nothing. Maybe I'll update them when I've made the scenic base.






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Very good. I like the mud on the hull. Also the way you've high lighted the welds. The figure looks great. What with all the extras like the net, you've done an excellent build all round.

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Nice, no, Really Nice Cromwell!

Your figure is top notch, with the facial expression very realistic and showing depth of character.

The base is ok, sometimes less is more.

Thanks for posting


Jim, The Spitfire-oholic

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Really nice model.

You've inspired me to get mine finished. Good tip about the helmets too. I've been looking for some suitable ones, but no joy so far.

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That is an excellent looking Cromwell and the figure is just superb. :goodjob:

I have this one in the stash and if it looks anything likes yours when I get round to building it, I will be very happy indeed!

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Thanks again for all the great feedback!

Love the marginally clean look and simplistic weathering on this! Great job.

I did try to keep this relatively clean given that these were new tanks on D-Day. Having said that, I did go a bit over the top with the scuffing and chipping but stuck with it (deploying a bit of artistic license!) because it added a nice 'texture' to the model and gave it more of a heavy 'metallic' look somehow. There is a very light dusty effect I added too, but it doesn't really show under the bright lamp I used for the photos.

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