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Dornier Do.17Z – A Technical Guide


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Dornier Do.17Z – A Technical Guide
Valiant Wings Publishing


The flying pencil has received a lot of attention this last year, with the raising of a crashed example and the release of the new Airfix kit in 1:72, so this book from our friends at Valiant should be of great interest. It will also find favour with those owning the Classic Airframes 1:48 kit, as well as general aviation enthusiasts.


Written by Richard A Franks, it covers the aircraft from its earliest prototypes, where you can see how it came by its nickname due to the slender fuselage and fairly pointed nose, right through to the end of the 17Z's career and eventual replacement by the do.215 that started life as the export variant, which was in turn supplanted by the 217. The book is a perfect bound softcover, comprising 80 pages plus covers, and is split into four main sections plus appendices, as follows:



An eleven page history of the aircraft from conception to completion, including some photos of the early prototypes and test airframes.

Technical Description

Thirty eight pages of detailed pictures, drawings and diagrams of the airframe, and its internals, including cockpit, crew compartments, electronics, fabrication, gun installations and bays, all of which is accompanied by detailed captioning.

Camouflage & markings

Eighteen pages of photos, text and six pages of profiles showing the various schemes worn by this quirky-looking aircraft.

Building a Do.17Z

Libor Jekl builds the new Airfix 1:72 Do.17Z over seven pages, showing just what can be done with the kit and his amazing skills.


Do.17Z Kits, accessories, decals, bibliography

The appendices only take up four pages, and are tightly packed with information, rather than drawn out to fill pages as happens with some titles.

If you're interested in the Do.17 and its successors, you'll find plenty of interest in this new title, and a lot of photos that I've not seen before. I'll certainly put my review copy to good use when I tackle my CA kit. It will also come in handy if you're waiting for the proposed Do.17Z kit from ICM, who have been gracious enough to give us two excellent 215 variants so far.

One of these for each of the 215 and 217 would be my next wish.

Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

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