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A and B Scheme Hurricane and Spitfires - URGENT

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I seem to have got myself confused despite reading Camo and Markings - Paul Lucas on Page 8 there are 4 proposed schemes - A,B, C and D On Page 91 he refers to the A scheme for p/o McKnight's Hurricane (P2961). This is what I have always understood to be the A scheme the Dark Earth "U" in the centre of the wing is on the Starboard side and the opposite is true for the B scheme, being on the Port wing. This is in contradiction with page 8.

Further, I have understood the rule to be that even numbered aircraft were painted in the A scheme and Odd Numbered aircraft were panted in the B scheme. This contradicts page 91. McKnight's aircraft.

Looking at Eduard's painting guid for Mark IX we see the U is on the starboard wing. We know that after 1941 A and B was dispensed with and only A adopted. So far so good. Now I think I am back on track. The I look at Airfix painting guide for W3185 and see its A. No Problem you say? However I have always thought that the A scheme was adopted WHEN the RAF switched to Grey/Green. Again I am confused????

D-TA, Tucks Hurricane is clearly painted in A Scheme


Without referances other photos does one doggedly rely on even = A, odd = B. Has Lucas got McKnights Hurricane wrong????

I await to be enlightened.

I would appreciate some guidance as I am trying to get something finished for Southern Expo

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Hi Sean

the even/odd was proposed, and I think, followed at first, but in practice this was then not followed when major production got underway. This has been discussed here.

So, no, don't rely on serials tying in with schemes.

In theory the A scheme became the preferred scheme in with introduction DFS, but exceptions can be found.

As with all these things, use a photo if possible.

Others may well know more.

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I'm pretty sure that Tucks Hurri was in the B scheme.

The A scheme did stay with the change with the green grey colours.

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Hi Sean,

If you're interested in McKnight's Hurricane I can give you chapter & verse on it later today when I get home.



Thanks dave look forward to it

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The ditching of the "A" & "B" schemes had nothing to do with the introduction of the Day Fighter Scheme; Supermarine mod 333 was "To delete mirror type camouflage scheme," and is dated 26-4-41, and the order for the changeover to the DFS was issued 12/15-8-41.

There were anomalies in the numbering/patterns on Spitfires, which Ted Hooton noted in one of his Scale Aircraft Modelling articles; with separate factories also producing the Hurricane, there's always the possibility the same occurred there, but I've not seen anything concrete.

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A model club friend and I looked at this subject recently.

Using photos only we found that the A scheme was mostly used on even numbered Spitfires, but mostly on odd numbered Hurricanes.

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IIRC manufacturers were instructed by the air ministry to standardize on either the A or B scheme, and most picked the A scheme. Sorry, my soggy brain can't recall exactly where I read this (yesterday......).

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