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Sanding Tool kits


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Sanding Tool kits

Hobby Colours



Sanding products are probably some of the most used items in a modellers tool box. Hobby Colours have now released a couple of handles and sanding papers for just such occasions. The frames and papers are very similar to another company’s product, but the straight frames have a very useful handle which makes them more user friendly, much like a coping saw. The other frame is angled 90o which is good for getting a curved shape over a fuselage or tank barrel without getting any flat spots. The papers that come with each handle just slide onto each end and come in the following grit.

  • 2 x 240 grit 2 x 280 grit
  • 2 x 320 grit 2 x 500 grit
  • 2 x 600 grit 2 x 800 grit
  • 2 x 1000 grit 2 x 1200 grit
  • 2 x 1500 grit 2 x 2000 grit









You can never have too many styles, types or grit to help get those seams and modifications sorted. The frames aren’t the easiest to keep hold of as they are quite thin, certainly in my chubby hands, but the handle included in the straight set can also be used with the angled frame, making it much easier to use. The papers can also be bought in separate replacement sets Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of

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