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Israeli Achzarit, detail set for Meng


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Israeli Achzarit, for Meng

1:35 Eduard


Well it’s another month and Eduard have released another load of etched detail sets. This one is for the Meng Achzarit armoured personnel carrier. The single sheet of relief etched brass contains numerous parts to super detail the hull. As with most Eduard sets, some of the kit details will need to be removed before the etched parts are added. These include the front plate of the side skirts, all the brackets, locker handles, hand holds and tie downs on the upper hull, along with the mounting bracket for the fire extinguisher and fixtures around the main machine gun mounting. Whilst most of the parts require simple folding but there are a few parts that will need careful rolling to shape, particularly the curved mudguards on the rear underside of the track guards. The set also included the ID panels fitted around the vehicle; these require the modeller to run a ball point pen around the edges to give further relief detail. The machine guns receive new ammunition belts, ammunition boxes and their respective mounts; new rear sights are also included. The commander machine gun mount with the same parts, but also has the option of being fitted with a chain gun style feed belt from inside the vehicle, along with the various fittings and fixtures required.


The Meng Achzarit is already a beautifully detailed kit, but the moulded details can sometimes appear a bit clunky. With this set, these details are replaced with fine details that only etched brass can replicate. So if you want to go the whole hog and make a super detailed kit of the Achzarit then this set will suit you down to the ground. Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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