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Welcome and Rules

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Courtesy of Britmodeller, Wez and I would like to welcome you all to the French Fancy Groupbuild! Thanks go to Mish for leading the groupbuild section with her usual je ne sais quoi. She makes it look easy. It's not! Thanks also to Mike for providing us with the best forum on the internet and to all the other mods who help to keep the place running so smoothly.

When: 21st March 2015 to 14th July 2015

Hosts: Wez, Enzo Matrix


Firstly, the Group Build is open to everyone, aircraft, ship, AFV, car, figure or even insect modeller providing it fits the French theme - if I've forgotten a category that can be French themed you're in! :thumbsup:

Secondly, What If's didn't pass the popular vote - sorry if this is a disappointment for you but the good news is the What If 3 Group Build will be running later this year. Col and I will welcome you there with open arms!

So, to the rules, here's how we want to play this...

Cars, anything from a French manufacturer is automatically eligible however, for Formula 1 cars we’ve decided that they must fulfil a two out of three criteria such as manufacturer, primary sponsor and driver. If at least two of those are French, then it gets in. For example, the Elf-Tyrell P34 driven by Patrick Depallier, fails on manufacturer but passes on primary sponsor AND driver – 2 out of 3.

Any subject on land, sea or air that was or is manufactured in France, this includes French designs that were licence built elsewhere (e.g. Australian Mirages). Any design that was extensively reworked without French involvement is not eligible (e.g. Kfir).

Any subject on land, sea and air from elsewhere providing it is in French colours is eligible (e.g. HMS Colossus is out, but her French incarnation Arromanches is in). So this means if you want to do a Grumman Hellcat in Aeronavale markings or an Air France Lockheed Constellation, they would be eligible.

Any subject on land, sea or air that was a distinct French unit embedded within another country's armed forces that wore distinctive French markings (e.g. an RAF Halifax or Spitfire wearing French roundels or a Normandie-Nieman Yak-1). Something that wasn’t used by an exclusively French unit but used by a French person would not be eligible, for example, Pierre Closterman’s Tempest “Le Grand Charles” was on the strength of 3 Sqn RAF and could be used by any pilot on that unit is not eligible (for the record his first Le Grand Charles was lost whilst being flown by another, non-French, pilot).

Hopefully we can show the way on how inclusive a GB can be. If you have any questions regarding your potential subject, put it to Wez and I and we shall attempt to exercise the Wisdom of Solomon! :D

The other usual GB rules apply.

No more that 25% built at the start of the GB. If you have any doubts about this, as Wez and I.

All requests for parts, decals etc should be entered in the correct forum.

Every entry should have a build thread. Multiple models which are very similar - for instance two or three of the same type - may be combined in a single thread.

Every entry should be displayed in the gallery. No more than five pictures with no comments from admiring onlookers please. :)

And finally, the most important rule: Have fun! :D

Courage, mon braves. Not long to go now.

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