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Hanger Queen - Tamiya 1/48 DH Mosquito PR IV

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Big weekend, managed to complete two models. Her is a completed one from the shelf of doom. I am not sure why I put this aside, but it has been sitting there for the best part of 2 years. I suspect it may have been I had lost heart after having some issues with the decals and also because I didn't want to deal with the undercarriage, which I had found fiddly the last time I made this kit (as a B Mk IV), and made a hash of that time. I was reminded of it when rummaging in my paint supplies and finding the pot of own-mix PRU blue (and no, I cannot remember the recipe, other than it contains Tamiya acrylics). Finished as a PRIV of 540 Squadron, RAF Benson. Final coat of Italeri Acryl flat varnish. Only just had enough of the own-brew PRU, down to the very last dregs. I used Clearfix for the camera windows, found it a bit hard to handle. All in all though very happy with how it turned out.

Build thread here.

Thanks for looking.






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It would have been a shame to leave it to gather dust unfinished.

The glazed nosed Mosie is really the best in my book. Great model all around!


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