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Here's another recent build, the Revell Ho229 (not Go229 as mislabelled on the packaging). More or less straight from the box, but with the inaccurate side panels removed from the cockpit bathtub, the voids underneath the exhausts filled and the Airwaves and Eduard photo etch sets employed to add detail. The guns weren't really visible after assembly, whereas the engines most certainly are. Curious how Revell decided to represent parts that were not apparent, but not those that were.








Hope you like it.

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Thanks for the kind words. It's really not a bad kit at all, pretty accurate and goes together well. I only wish Revell had seen fit to wall in the undersurfaces of the tailpipes, as well as detail the engines - which can be seen from the cockpit (the structure is of steel tube with plywood skinning. We have here a jet fighter built like a glider). The MK103s can hardly be seen once the kit is assembled, but the engines are clearly visible from the gear bays (the main one of which needs a couple of extra actuators adding from plastic rod). The Eduard and Airwaves sets complement one another particularly well- pretty much only the instrument panel is duplicated.

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