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Spitfire Mk.1 K9955, 602 "City of Glasgow" Squadron, 21 March 1940


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Here is my first take on the Airfix Spitfire Mk.1. WIP here:

16404665317_9b54e4a559_b.jpg1 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16611942075_1d680e5d55_b.jpg2 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16611312892_ccdb88f83a_b.jpg3 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16611933455_190fe4802f_b.jpg4 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16424920760_26cbfa0078_b.jpg5 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16611347282_24f6b27806_b.jpg6 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16424783748_080c5e89b5_b.jpg7 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16404682287_db7a01173f_b.jpg8 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16610820131_2564596f19_b.jpg9 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16611953925_72f9e7c2dd_b.jpg10 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16424942520_dc12655a98_b.jpg11 by jongwinnett, on Flickr

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HI Jon:

i have seen your nice model and think you have done a wonderful masterpiece, just a nicely wonderful look in this little plane.

I liked a lot the paint work you did and ALSO, the version you have worked, really a very outstanding job by the "artist in modeling" you have living inside!!! Congratulations!!!

AND,have to say thank you to all involved in the "tutorial" about how to this plane, as now we have the benefit of a very nice WIP which will be a MUST for any Spitfire builder with some points as the Harness, Rudder actuators and other to get some deep knowledge about the plane to us, people who doesn't knowmany things about the plane....I have to Re-visit it again to read and follow "In deep" as soon I will have enough time to enjoy it!!!

Thank you very much for sharing!!!


Luis Alfonso

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She's bang tidy Jon, it's nice to see her finished. Nice pics too. :thumbsup:

I eventually caved in and got myself another 2 Airfix spits when I was visiting Scotland last week so I now have options for Mk 1, 1A and 2A. I'm saving one of them for the BoB group build, I don't know when I'll get round to building the other one as I've got 3 projects on the go at the minute (and another half dozen in the queue).

What do you have planned for your next one?

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Cheers. Not sure what the next Spit will be, doing the evil empire twins first, and then I need to pause and consider. There's a 1/35 Tilly that's crying out for a shot on the bench. And I really ought to finish the Meng Bradley I started months ago, and then there's a Gladiator, and now CedB's started a V1 and I want one of those and, and, and....

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Very pretty - I really like the fact that it's a bit different, with the night flying plates installation, the early antenna and the slightly non-standard squadron codes, roundels etc. I'd be really pleased if I had put that little number together in such fine style.


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