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What if? - Polish Jet Trainer - BAE Systems Hawk - 1/72

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As a warm up before my target projects I wanted to finish started some time ago small Hawk. During the build I came up with an idea to do it as "What if?" Polish Jet Trainer. So I build it, painted and started to put on decals. And.. Well. I've lost polish markings from other model. Decided not to buy any additional decals, which is a shame actually.
Anyways. As it suppose to be a training jet I wanted to give it a real shine like on the racing jets. Everything was ok until I decided to put final coat of Enamel Clear Laquer on. That ruined completely canopies clear.png I ended up having milky canopies and tears in my eyes (even is not the most ambitious build, still there was some work in). At this moment model was literally close to the bin, but I thought to myself that I'm not gonna give up! I took it off and started to sand the laquer down (not an easy task). Using higher grades every time and then I dipped it in Pledge and dried. I repeated this few times. It was working! So I took off front part of canopy and started the same. Unfortunately it cracked while sandingclear.png After couple not very nice words (polish of course) I came up with an idea of a flag on the nose and front canopy. I guess it looks quite all rightclear.png





















Thanks for visiting!


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It does look really good in that colour scheme. If it's an Airfix kit you could always contact them and say the front canopy was missing... :whistle:

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Sorry to hear about the canopy, Bart. It's a real downer when that happens at the end of a build. Despite that, the finish looks brilliant, the flag idea is inspired, and a nice touch. I'm glad you didn't decide to throw it in the bin :) did you use any extras on it?

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@MattBlack33: Thanks. I didn't used anything apart of a piece of a toilet paper to do the flag:)

@MikeyJ: I guess I could contact them, but I wanted to finish it so badly.. It suppose to be few days build and it actually was if you don't count the break between start and resume.

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