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899 the bunch with the punch Sea Harrier FRS1

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Something different for me from my usual helicopter. getting the bench ready for the Sea king GB The decals looked alright when I applied them and when the Matt went on there was some silvering but as they say "Hay ho"

The carpet monster has been well hungry with this and there a a few bit eg the Ariel s behind the canopy that have gone west

Normal 5 ft looking distance

It doesn't seem long ago that I was sitting down the lane at Yeovilton and putting the camera down because it was just a sea harrier or a Canberra or a hunter (sobs into hanky)





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So, that was you always blocking "spotters" lane was it?, although I never saw you when we were taxiing past in the Swordfish??................Nice Shar Rodders but, that hard standing is far too clean for Yeovilton.. :pilot:


Your aircraft didn't have leaks did they Tony?


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