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Whiskey & Lemon - two new 1/350 scale subs completed

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Another two 1/350 scale subs just completed to add to the collection....

The first is the Mikro-Mir Soviet Whiskey III Class Diesel-Electric boat.....




The second is a bit of a whimsey - but it did exist.

The Balao-Class USS Menhaden was decomissioned in the 1970's and re-fitted as a remotely-controlled, unmanned acoustic test vehicle, known as the 'Yellow Submarine' serving with the Naval Underwater Systems Center until she was scrapped in 1988.....


The model was built using two AFV Gato kits - with the hull from the GUPPY IB kit and the sail from the GUPPY II kit.


Decals are from the spares box........


It was built for a bit of fun - but it stands out in my collection - and should cause some comments when displayed.

Ken - (wonder if I should do the pink one from Operation Petticoat ???)

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