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Airfix and CMR Jet Provosts 1/72 (and a Chipmunk too)......Last few piccies

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Already said before but your attention to the smallest detail and desire to make as accurate a replica as possible really brings this pair to life!

Stunning work looking forward to your Hawk build


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That is the pinaccle of modelling, it just doesn't get better than that, I mean there is nothing that could be done to improve any of them.

The Hawk and Jag are going to be lovely!



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Hi Fritah!!!

Congratulations for this outstanding work, a real pair of masterpieces at higher level detail. Iliked the way you have finished all your very fine job and can use some details you did whenI finish mines.

Without a doubt. there is a very deep knowledge you have of these two planes and really, with a lot o love and hard work, it pay dividends to you in any place, exhibition or contest you can have those nice gems to participate.

Thank you very much for sharing,


Luis Alfonso

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All 3 are stunning. I remember these when they filled the skies. Put them on a diorama and they will be so realistic. I like to build aircraft Ive seen to remember good days out spotting. It must be great to build something you have flown in. Whats next of the production line?

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I can't help but comment on these again Steve. So at the risk of repeating myself, these are three of the best models I have seen on Britmodeller in the short time that I have been here.

Beautifully built, beautifully detailed and beautifully painted. Just fantastic all round.

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Ah, I've been looking forward to this thread and I'm not disappointed.

Little beauties all.

I do find it difficult to articulate just how much I've enjoyed these latest images and the work in progress threads.

All I'm going to say is a heartfelt thanks for sharing your talent Steve and warmest congratulations at turning out some of the best models I've had the pleasure of seeing.



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