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Vignette Group Build Chat


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When: 25th June 2016 to 23rd October 2016

Hosts: Plastix and (vacant)

I'm not in the habit of suggesting Group Builds but caught myself thinking that we have never had a diorama Group Build. The more I thought about it I came up with reasons not to, Too bit, take too much time etc. So I struck upon the idea or a vignette GB

For those that don't know a vignette is a small diorama or setting for a model. To make things simple I propose the following:

1. The base must be no bigger than 6 inches/15.25cm square or in diameter.
2. Must have two components other than a the setting (foliage, building etc,). e.g. 1 vehicle and 1 person (not driving or piloting) .

Is this something people might be interested in? I can see it appealing to every aspect of modelling Automotive, armour, aviation, figures, maritime.

Please feel free to discuss to tell me to get back to building some models :)

1. Mish
2. PlaStix (Co Host)
3. Silver Fox
4. Black Knight
5. Saints Phil
6. milktrip
7. Mitch K
8. Vppelt68
9. hgbn
10. Whitestar12chris
11. sean
12. Cookenbacher
13. Bangor Lad
14. badger
15. Rob G
16. moaning dolphin
17. Mottlemaster
18. AndrewE

19. Doug Rogers

20. Snapper_city

21. kwaterous

22. Walwe82

23. Stew Dapple

24. Wimbledon99

25. fatfingers

26. Shermaniac

27. Radleigh

28. giemme

29. Biggles87


---------Voting limit-------

31. JackG

32. stevej60

33. SDK_K

34. Mark

35. Natter

36. nimrod54


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As Mish has stepped down from hosting this GB I'll maintain an up to date list of participants here.

When: 25th June 2016 to 23rd October 2016
Hosts: Plastix, Neu and Blastvader

1. Mish
2. PlaStix (Host)
3. Silver Fox
4. Saints Phil
5. milktrip
6. Mitch K
7. Vppelt68
8. hgbn
9. Whitestar12chris
10. sean
11. Cookenbacher
12. Bangor Lad
13. badger
14. Rob G
15. moaning dolphin
16. Mottlemaster
17. AndrewE
18. Doug Rogers
19. Snapper_city
20. kwaterous
21. Wolwe82
22. Stew Dapple
23. Wimbledon99
24. fatfingers
25. Shermaniac
26. Radleigh
27. giemme
28. Biggles87
30. JackG
31. stevej60
32. SDK_K
33. Mark
34. Natter
35. nimrod54
36. Blastvader (Host)
37. Sgt.Squarehead
38. Worm
39. Kallisti
40. rob_uk
41. Bonhoff
42. Neu (Host)
43. Robert Stuart
44. Joss
45. Fatboydim
46. bull-nut
47. paganpete
48. Carius
49. Badder
50. 68 Squadron
51. masterqq
52. dreadeddrew
53. wkennerley
54. TonyTiger66
55. alxzinbox
56. brianthemodeller
57. philp
58. CliffB
59. Paul Giles
60. LeeCarey74
61. Mjwomack
62. moaning dolphin

Blastvader, Neu and I have had some discussions and managed to sort out what we hope will be suitable guidelines for this GB.

Vignette GB guidelines

When: 25th June 2016 to 23rd October 2016

Hosts: PlaStix, Neu and Blastvader

  • A vignette is a small diorama that is meant to focus on a very small scene. A vignette usually has a single subject: a vehicle and/or figures, interacting on a specific task. For this GB, however, as were trying to encourage more modellers to have a go at making a base for their models, were saying the vignette must have at least two components other than the setting (groundwork, foliage, building, etc.). So, for example, it could have one vehicle and one person (not driving or piloting), or two vehicles, or two figures, etc., etc. or a combination thereof.
  • The base, for this GB, can have a maximum surface area of up to 36 square inches or 232.5 square centimetres. For example the maximum sizes could be up to: 6 x 6 or 9 x 4 or 18cm x 12.9cm, etc. A circular base must have a maximum diameter of 6.77inches or 17.2cm. The base must be a shape such as a square, rectangle or circle so that the surface area is easily measurable. This means there cannot be any irregular shapes.
  • The vignette can be made in any scale as long as it fits onto the base - see above.
  • Overhang will be allowed so long as the item is directly connected to the base. So a plane's wing overhangs the base that's permitted, because the plane is connected to a base. Figures standing on a wing overhanging the base are not, since they are not directly connected to the base.
  • The base can be one of the ones that comes with a kit (such as Matchbox kits) as long as the surface area is no bigger than 36 square inches. These vignettes, however, will be part of a separate sub-section of the GB.
  • Use of a kit completed beforehand is allowed. You could, for example, make something in another GB (or elsewhere) and use it as part of your vignette. Obviously you could make everything as part of this GB - it's up to you.
  • Use can be made of ready-made items such as trees, resin buildings, die cast vehicles, etc. but most of the vignette must be of your own making. As the whole concept is subjective, use your common sense and sense of fair play.
  • As use can be made of previously completed kits and ready-made items the normal 25% rule will not apply for this GB but the base itself must not be started before the start of the GB.
  • The Vignette can be based around any category of modelling including (but not limited to): Aircraft, AFVs, Figures, Maritime, Railways, Space, Sci-Fi, Vehicles, What-ifs, or even a combination of these.

General stuff:

  • All scenic elements must have a WIP thread showing progress, no completed Vignettes can go into the gallery unless there is a build thread. If you are building two or more similar Vignettes, then they may be combined in the same thread.
  • No buying/wanted or selling in the GB area please, there is a buying and selling area in Britmodeller for this.
  • There will be polls to vote for your favourite builds at the end of the GB, but please do not canvas for votes.
  • Finally everybody likes constructive comments on their builds - please be polite and constrictive and no arguments please.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you Cookenbacher, Bangor Lad and Badger. I make it that we're now one away from the half way mark. Anyone else? This could be a great GB because, as Mish said, we can have the whole range of modelling types involved: Aircraft, AFVs, Maritime, Vehicles, Space, Sci-Fi, Figures, Railway or even a combination!

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