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Milicast 1/76 Fordson WOT3 Instrument and electrical servicing Workshop Van

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First showing of this new kit from Milicast- I must say I'm very impressed, went together well, captures the look and character of the subject. I will have to buy more from Milicast!


The Fordson WOT3 was a 30cwt (1.5t) class vehicle, and was one of Fordsons War Office designs


You can see the family resemblance to the WOA1 & 2, WOT1 & 1A, and WOT2, in the bonnet and cab.


Painted in the mid-war scheme of SCC2 (Brown) and SCC14 (Blue-black), this is depicted as a Coastal Command example based at RAF Aldergrove. I did my usual of a little, restrained weathering with pastels.


I really like this kit; I think Milicast have captured the whole look and feel of the original,

and the casting was superb.

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That looks very REALISTIC ..

I think it looks EXACTLY like the really vehicle..

The weathering is SUPERB and I think you did an OUTSTANDING job...

I think you could expand this by putting it on a round /square wooden base and have it stand on some grassy knoll..

Just a thought...

still its AN AWESOME BRILLIANT build..... :wow::yikes:


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