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Artesania Latina - Revenue Cutter - DALLAS - 1/50

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Revenue Cutter - DALLAS - topsail schooner / Surprise class. Commisioned in 1816, five years of service.


Finally finished! I hope you'll enjoy it. Before the pictures I'd like to say couple things about this model and building it itself.
That was my first attempt to build a proper wooden model ship. Now when it's finished I can say, that I've chosen good. This is a really easy model if you know what you're doing and what to do. I wasn'tclear.png
For me it was a really painful build. Every step I took was careful, but also it was another step in the deep dark. The kit itself was probably good apart from the plans and instructions. A lot, I mean A LOT of stuff wasn't even mentioned in the instructions and if I haven't found some pictures of the same model I'd probably never finish it. I can see this if the kit was released for experienced modellers, but it clearly says in the prolog to the instructions that it is a beginners kit so I'd really expect some more detailed explanation about what to do and how..

About the build. I made couple quite big mistakes, starting with the planking which went too deep into stern and the rudder is not through the deck, furnishing of the deck isn't perfect either. Topmasts should be the same size but due to material shortage (well, I found the missing bit later on clear.png) I had to shorten every bit of masting and then decided to leave one smaller for some reason (I don't really know why). Overall it's a quite good looking model anyways. Just need to put it on a nice and proper base. The one at the moment is just an unused shelfclear.png

Take a look:
















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This might be your first wooden ship, but it's very apparent that you're skilled and have taken a lot of time and care over what is a museum quality model.

Well done!

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Thanks everyone!

Well, I'm happy with the result, of course, but I think that plastic kits give me more fun:)

@Will Vale: It was indeed, for a beginner, but I guess for someone more experienced it's a piece of cake:)

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Beautiful model! Very nice and neat workmanship is apparent everywhere. As to the 'mistakes' you pointed out; ships are individual characters, even when part of a class of ships, every one of them is different from the other is some detail. When in service they change even more as each crew modifies and/or repairs the vessel. Your model is a close to perfect as can be, place it proudly at the front of the display!

Eric aka The Yankymodeler

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Really beautiful model, well done.  👍


Your post inspired me to finish building the Artesania Latina schooner Rhoda Mary.  I also have the Dallas kit which I have just started.  Your photos will be an excellent resource as I build it, and you have set the bench mark quite high for me to follow. 


Thanks again for posting this.


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