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Republic P 47 D15RE Thunderbolt, Hasegawa, 1/72


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Next from archive shelves of US machines - Republic P47 D15RE Thunderbolt (Razorback). Markings of Lt. B.Edens, 62 FS, 56 FG, 8 Army USAAF, Boxted, UK, August-September 1944. Hasegawa, OOB except decals - from my drawer (LTD?) :)

In August 1944 invasion strips on upper surfaces were back overpainted with camo. Here I was trying to make this fresh paint on invasion strips a bit darker than rest of airplane. I hope it is visible...

Comments welcome



p47d DSC03252p47d DSC03251p47d DSC03250p47d DSC03249p47d DSC03248p47d DSC03247p47d DSC03246p47d DSC03253

{EDIT : Sorry for mistake in topic name - I do not know how to correct it..}

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Hi Jerzy!!!1

A real nicely done Old Friend looking wonderfulin this uniform, and yes, the black markings could be seen

This one is a kit of which I have a lot of wonderful memories.....I have one started since 1983 when I was working in a hobby shop that already exist today, and where I bought many models here in my country, BTW I made a lot of those models when they were made in USA and sold as Hasegawa/Minicraft in those boxes with pictures of the built models and the decal version of the subject were Turtle No 9 or something like this........A good man who wanted to buy finished well built kits commisioned me with so many of them in many versions which he furnished....and well, after nine or ten, he left me one who had a missing canopy and I started at that time.....the missing parts were recently bought from Squadron Vacuform set, and hope to finish her in nice colours.

YOURS, is a little gem of subject, the kit looks resplendent and really hope when I build mine,looks at least half the good of yours.

Those Old friends are event today wonderful subjects to try a hand in them. Congratulations!!!!!

Thank you very much for sharing,


Luis Alfonso

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