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Hello, here is another build from my 1/72 tank collection, was my second (new) one. Right after the Revell T-72. Done before new years eve 2013/14.

This is an older kit, released under the Matchbox and Monogram label as well, its more on the crude side by todays standart,

but fun to build.

The parts needed some clean up, especially the snorkel and the small stuff, some sinkholes had to be filled.

Made some additions to the otherwise oob build.

The headlights got "guards" over, done by stretched sprue

The front skirt, seen on these tanks were made by thin plastic card

The turret was improved with an additional smoke grenade launcher, some "wires" seen on pics and the small handlight looking aft at the back of the turret were added.

The fuel drums were altered to remove the big seam running through them.

The holes at the back plate/engine deck were closed and the "log" was added using a sprue.

Painted with Revell colors and weathered with acrylics and some drybrushing. the sand color was sprayed on, the green was brushed on.

Maybe i am able to replace the "8,8 flak gun" with a more true to scale replica of the anti aircraft mgs seen on russian or soviet tanks.

Not much time for modelling right now, but this was a beautiful day with good light conditions outside.

Hope you like it




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Nice job, well done. That gun barrel has come out nice. Inspiration for my Monty's Caravan methinks once the Narvik is done. I must get some blue matchsticks

Thank you very much. Blue matchsticks are a good combination with naval modelling, i am looking forward :-)

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Thank you very much ! A good decision, the T-72 is a much more refined kit. It builds like a dream, will post pictures of mine, when the weather will improve for better pics outside.

The T-72 was my first 1/72 AFV kit since my youth and i was totally impressed by the detail and fit, the tracks with Revells usual systhem of length and single lings fits perfect, read somewhere that the turret was not correct, looks like a T-72 to me.

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That is superb Bernd! I'm very impressed with your modifications - they really add to the kit. Beautiful painting and the weathering looks fantastic. And all in 1/72 too! - The matchstick brings home the attention to detail with your build! Superior model building! Well done! :worthy::worthy::worthy:

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Thank you very much for this compliment, my friend, very appreciated. As your splended 1/76 kits reveal, there is a lot of modelling fun included, in this little boxes fr cheap.

Modeling tanks in this small scale has become some sort of an addiction( in a very positive way ) to me, which stall out my aircraft projects on a regular basis.

I hope i can begin with my M4A1 project soon, my tiny tank regiment needs a new addition. :)

BTW, haved searched BM for this group build without success :unsure:



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