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One for the masochists: an Airfix 1/48 Harrier GR3 by a relative beginner...Oh Lord!

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Hi everyone, welcome to my first WIP thread.

I decided on this kit for two reasons:

1) I like the subject matter, the Harrier is a fond favourite of mine. The 1/72 GR3 was the second model I ever bought so it only seems fitting that it's the second attempt in my second modelling life.


2) It was in the Airfix sale...

As with my 'Post-Mortem' thread in Ready for Inspection, I'm hoping this will act as a reference point for other new starters who may be having similar problems with their builds. I'm also hoping to draw on the vast experience of other members who, I must say has been both useful and inspirational in my other build.


From what I've read, this is a particularly old kit. Raised panel lines and lots of flash to be trimmed. I'm going to practice some filling and sanding so the lack of recessed panels isn't too much of an issue for me.


It's not going to be a quick one, so I'll be posting updates every week. It's going to be OOB with no aftermarket parts or anything too fancy. I'll be airbrushing with Humbrol enamels with a cheap-o Revell Starter Airbrush. Like I said, I'm going to use this opportunity to develop some filling and sanding skills for future builds with a real focus on getting a nice even and polished finish. I'll be finishing it with No. 1 Squadron markings and livery, although I am tempted to have another go at the lighter underside. We'll see...

I think I might need a bit of luck with this one, so any hints, tips or suggestions before I get on with this would be very much appreciated. Update pictures at the end of the day :)

Here I go...

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Hi matt.

I'm by no means an experienced builder, so I can't offer you much advice.

About the only nugget I can offer, is take your time and have fun doing it!

If it starts to frustrate you, step away for a day or two, I find that helps.

Looking forward to seeing how you progress on this.

I'm sure a lot of the experienced cheps will be along shortly to offer more sage, and helpful advice.


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Thanks, S5.

Update: managed to get some work done yesterday, cockpit finished, pilot on the go. I ran out of airbrush propellant so have decided to order my first compressor. As such, the build is on hold until it arrives, so no more updates for a bit. I'll just have to sit back and enjoy everyone else's hard work in the meantime!

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Ok, I couldn't stay away so I've done a few small bits whilst I await the new airbrush. Apologies for the quality of the pictures.

Cockpit. Pilot is now fully painted , but I don't think I'll be using him. Cockpit interior is Humbrol164.


There was lots of filling and sanding, mainly because the plastic was slightly warped and no amount of heating and bending was going to correct it. There was a gap of 3-4mm in some places. This was particularly true on the nose just behind the pitot tube hole. All good practice :)




Cockpit and intakes masked, primer applied. Tamiya grey primer.




I know most of you have seen many of these before, but comments, hints and tips are very appreciated.

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With my airbrush yet to materialise and a doctoral thesis ongoing, my progress has been fairly limited. However, I've managed to get some paint on the landing gear weathered with a Citadel washe (Nulne Oil). The walk round pics on the Harrier SIG website show black bolts on the wheels so I'll be updating that when they're dry tomorrow. I won't be winning any prizes for interesting pictures, but here they are anyway.



Comments, hints and tips welcome. Insults tolerated, but only if they're good...

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