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plus models lead wire

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Title says it all really chaps

I may be being thick (don't answer that ) but I interpret that only trade with a minimum order value of 300 euros can be ordered direct from them, so can this be sourced in the UK?



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I got several packages from a local model train shop. l use a lot of in my stuff. You can actually get a spool of the stuff l found out at any electronic store that has that kind of stuff for about the same money but miles of it! l have to check out the place in the mall here to see if l can still get it.

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I've bought lead wire from Plus models but i found it very expensive!!

Nowadays , i buy "fly-fishing lead wire " it's the same and You got more for Your money!!

thickness range from : 0.15 0,20 0.25 etc.........



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It's available on e-bay now, various gauges. It's from Australia at about £4.50 per pack inc shipping - no idea if thats a good price or not. Search for 'plus model lead wire'.


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