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Airfix 1/72nd MKI Avro Lancaster G-George

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Airfix 1/72nd MKI Avro Lancaster G-George. From the 1978 2nd tooling version on black sprues.

Please note, I did not build the model, it was made for me by Ian Collis.

So we didn't want it to resemble G-George as can be seen in the Australian War Memorial (AWM) museum today, but instead went for the look of the B/W photo of it when in service. So the bomb run on the nose, was copied over to the model. Now this old Airfix kit is supposed to be of a MKI but infact to make it so needs some Mods. First the bomb aimer's blister for MKI's had a shallow nose blister, all late and MKIII Lancasters have the larger nose blister, as does what came in the kit, so it was changed. Next G-George has small windows in it's fuselarge body, this old kit does not, again these had to be cut in. Other Mods and upgrades were to add Blind pole approach (on the fuselarge) - Balance weights (on fins) - aileron linkage arms (on main wings) - balance weights (on rear wings) - Early antenna (on cockpit)) - resin machine gun barrels and the breaches added where missing - resin wheels - 1,000lb bombs - Photo Etched seat belts and a little scratch work in the cockpit. Finished with a whiteish exhaust staining and weathered. Over the years Ian has built most of the Lancaster kits out there and he still rates the old 1/72 Airfix kit as one of the best. Sorry but there's rather alot of pics to follow :)

16026036572_636f8c4866_b.jpg20141215_095908 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16026717095_244d8d3b43_b.jpg20141215_095839 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16026716495_0022c8d727_b.jpg20141215_095807 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16181245836_d72fd82d12_b.jpgIMG_102232749503167 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
15971256279_39fd8cee74_b.jpg16148182641_f75ca9b2b5_o by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
15961736970_bc0f26234e_b.jpgDSCF0069 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
15578228923_0e2912a811_b.jpgDSCF0086 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
15573467944_908106e00d_b.jpgDSCF0086 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16011012490_9bd1d068f0_b.jpg15964227677_8171044da1_o by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16177683200_4f8e46cc23_b.jpggrass2 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16363330861_b5291c1d16_b.jpggrass1 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16178848909_c183798314_b.jpggrass6 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16179177607_44edecc227_b.jpggrass5 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
16178849939_5a6466029d_b.jpggrass3 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr
15526953084_f3baa83269_b.jpgDSCF0019 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr

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What a wonderful job on what some would consider still a buildable and accurate kit after all these years.

So nice to see "George" depicted so well in model form.

One for the top shelf I would think..

Cheers .. Dave

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Great job, looks really nice

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very nice...got this build to do....been sitting in the back of the cupboard...once done doubt if it would be any good as that.... :wow:

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Great kit, looking very real. The weathering is perfect, extremely well executed.

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Lovely looking build and very well photographed. May I ask what you use for the base and the hills in the backdrop?

Hi Roland, background is of IWM Duxford airfield, runway is just conti board painted black, thats got knocked about abit, foreground is the only trickery, in as much as I put it back on in photoshop, but please note the model is as it is, no need to make it look any better than it is :) I have posted a pic in all it's raw glory without the foreground added so you get the idea of how the picture is shot :)

16216566955_979d9d4e8d_b.jpgDSCF0040 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr

Forgot to say in the modds on the model Ian added glycol jets to front nose. As again not in the kit

16030409319_4a95234f24_b.jpg1496171_862480623772196_3126622565362984111_o by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr

Some of you have seen Ian's work in the past, as he used to post in here under the name of 'Ian Lanc' but now he runs his own facebook page.

Now for those who think picking out the details inside the cockpit etc... in any build is a waste of effort, look at the next two pics, I do belive I can see a yellow hand rail in the front blister :)

15594114914_cab2ac0b1e_b.jpg10710414_858491594171099_1098887497106148990_o by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr

16216519565_f108f73db0_b.jpgDSCF0072 by triumphspeedtriple1050, on Flickr

Thanks for all the comments


Edited by Triumph

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