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While trying to finish my Lightning, I have made a little start on this one too. Now while everyone likes a good sharkmouth finish, I have decided mine will be finished as AK759 / FZ-R as flown by Eddie Edwards of 94 squadron (the one with a little red & white checks on the rudder). I have searched the stash, and decided to molest this kit. I do not know of any major problems with it, but if it looks like a Duck as they say!


I have made a cursory start on painting and assembly:


My kit has a badly moulded canopy so I am waiting for the replacement and decals from the big H, in the meantime work will continue.


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So, I've had a little more time to spend after chores and this is the state of play:

Main sub assemlies:


Cockpit shots:



'Scuse the poor shots as I used my phone. After a trail fit of all the main bits, I can say that for an old kit it goes

together really well. Next in line is main assembly then all the dangly bits.


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Just a small update tonight. The airframe is now complete but awaits filling and sanding. The kit itself is of it's time, it has gone together well but is a little "gappy" in places. There is enough detail to give it a bit of interest though I would imagine some of you guys would have had a good time with detailing, but I'm happy with my little efforts.



A couple of airframe shots:



So.......onwards and upwards!


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Tonight's report is a bit frustrating as I have hit my first setback. I unwrapped the kit canopy recently and found this:


The windscreen and canopy are too short down one side, one of the rear glazing is just useable, and the second one is the piece you see on the

sprue. Undeterred I sent to the big H for help and these duly arrived today:


The decals are an absolute joy and the replacement canopy is excellent - except that it has no bl**dy rear glazing!!!!! So I have to prostrate myself

and ask for your help. Does anyone have any P40E rear glazing that I can beg, steal (maybe not), or borrow???? Other than that I'm having a whale

of a time - didn't know I could stick bits together so quickly!!


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Hi Mackem,

A belated welcome to the group build. You are really cracking on with this golden oldie!

Christian the Married and exiled to africa

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Update time. Canopy problem now solved with the purchase of a Rob Taurus replacement that has all the necessary glazing. This gave me a flush of

inspiration, so today while playing with my Lightning I have also scared the P40 by wielding a hairy stick:





The plan is now to get her to a similar painting stage to the ongoing Lightning then have one huge decal-fest - that's if all goes according to plan.

And we all know how often that happens!

Thanks for looking.....

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Hi folks, three pictures in tonight's progress update. I have finished the main painting of the airframe, and tonight I have decalled her up. The Sky decals were absolutely great to work with - firm but easily positioned - they went on great. They were designed for the Hasegawa

kit I believe so I have had to lay them down as best as I could on this Revell offering, but I am delighted with the result:



Couldn't resist a trail fit of the prop:


BTW, I take the pictures with the subject viewed horizontally, I have no idea why the image turns through 90 degs!?!

Comments / criticisms all welcomed. Thanks for looking.

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Weekend update, and in the words of ZZ Top "she's got legs". They looked a bit plain so I have attempted to add some brake lines:


I have also tried a bit of light weathering. I usually go over the top and have been concious to take it easier:



Finish tonight by setting the wheels in place:


Nearly on the home stretch with some bits of painting to do and then try to fit the replacement canopy.

Can anyone tell me what Rob Taurus canopies are like to cut and work with??

Thanks for looking.

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A final push this week has seen me finish this GB (wonders if it's worth putting a lottery ticket on!). Closing thoughts.........Sky decals excellent, Rob Taurus canopies life savers (even though it's not meant for this old kit), Flory wash so simple even I couldn't make a hash of it, and finally Eze-line phenominally frustrating but well worth sticking with. My meagre offering is now in the Gallery.

I have been really impressed by the finished P40's that have been turned out and know that there's more to come. Many thanks to Mungo, Wyvern, and Dazdot for running a thoroughly enjoyable GB.

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