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Dornier Do 215 B-5 Nachtjäger, ICM 1/72

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Hi all,


here i want to show my Dornier Do 215 B-5 Nachtjäger:





Kit + Construction:


The ICM model is very well detailed, but has substantial fitting problems due to a complex part division and some "manufacturing inaccuracies". Nevertheless, a beautiful model can be built. The only in my opinion necessary modification of the model is to increase the cooling air intakes. The FuG 202 antennae were srcatch bulit.



Original aircarft:


With the introduction of the DB 601 series engines, the Do 17 received the new RLM number 215. The B-5 was the last model of this aircraft series from the early 30s. Originally planned as a fast passenger aircraft, the latest variant of the series had a maximum speed of 480 km / h.

Only 17 (20 in an other source) of this night fighter variant were built. First, the Do 215 B-5 were equipped only with an infrared viewer Spanner (red headlight in the front). In late 1941 the first FuG 202 were installed in the machine. Whether the infrared viewer was still used at this time, is unknown to me so my model shows both.

My machine is a plane of Nachtjagdgeschwader 2 (night fighter squadron), in the spring of 1942 long distance night fighter raids were carried out form Leeuwarden (Netherlands) up to the whole UK. There bombers were hunted, who were returning from their operations over the Reich.

Some Do 215 B-5 should have been in service until May 1944.

























Some Details:












Hope you like this model. Criticism, notes, and comments are gladly welcome.

Greetings from Germany.


Edited by Mr. Hudson
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I do think the Germans made some really nice aircrafts with super designs { yes yes SO did the AMERICANS , British :evil_laugh: } where you have so many different schemes to choose from and this ONE IS EXCEPTIONALLY built..

GORGEOUS Build..as ever..

BRAVO :mike::mike:


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What an absolute beauty (and a marvel that it is even completed). I attempted to build one of these ICM 215s many years ago but never got the cockpit section joined to the wings and fuselage, the fit was so bad.

Very well done for finishing it and for the beautiful finish you have achieved.

Duncan B

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Great build perfect presented, like it? Love it, especially the radar antennas and all the other fine details.

The paint work is also spot on, very nice.

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Only the second day of 2015, and the quality bar has jumped a few notches. The precision and superb finish of this build are absolutely top-drawer -take a look at that canopy! :worthy:

Welcome aboard; that is one heck of an introduction!

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Perfect work! - I did once model of exactly the same machine as scratch conversion from Monogram Do 17Z (including corrected flaws in wing, DB engines, nose, radar etc..) - but this is only a shadow of your model :)



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Stunning achievement! Excellent work on the build, painting, scratchbuilt antennae, photography...just a fantastic job all around. Welcome to Britmodeller, Kai! :):):)



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Fantastic work. I'd be delighted to get anywhere near that in larger scales, yet this is 72nd!

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