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Anyone built the Revell 1/144 A400M yet?

Caution Wake Turbulence

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I'm fiddling one at the moment. I'm still not at the cargo doors fitting yet but I'm having issues with closing the fuselage with the whole cargo bay, it looks like it's a slightly tight fit, same issue with the belly, some sanding needed on the rear of the sponsons mating surfaces. All in all nothing serious.

A really nice kit with fine recessed details and generally very good moulding quality, only thing 11 of my 12 main wheels suffered from heavy sink marks on both faces, 3 weeks later I got perfect replacements from Revell.

Did you try sand the seams on the propeller blades ? Those seams are nasty, given the fragileness of the overall propeller.

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Mine's actually going together better than I first expected, but I have been glueing in stages. I'm doing it all buttoned up and have let out a few bits and also separated the rear door from the ramp, so I can attach them separately. Apart from a little sanding around the cockpit, I've found the fit of the internals within the fuselage to be ok.


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