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Me 262 A-1a, HobbyBoss 1:48

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Fantastic model and i love the finish that shows just a hint of sheen, i have been thinking for quite some time that i finish my models with too flat a finish ,the real thing would have a similar finish to what you have given it well done !

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Thanks a lot! For the final clear coat I used 50% matt varnish and 50% satin varnish by Ammor of MIG. For me the best final clear coat I ever had in my hands!

Great! Thanks for the answer. I'll give their stuff a try. I really like the effect this mix has given you're paintwork.

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Hi Mathias!

Very nice, like all your models that you share with us on Britmodeler and in Jet & Prop. For me the swastika is a little bit to small, but round about a wonderful Me262. Udo.

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