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Spitfire XIV Question


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As Santa forgot to pack a model for me this Christmas I have treated myself to one that I might not have bought otherwise. Its the PCM 1/32 Spitfire XIV. I was intending it to be pretty much OOB but was wondering if anyone knew of any obvious bloopers on this kit that should be rectified. It seems to get a decent write up but knowing how complex Spitfire development was I fear I could read all my books etc till the cows come home and be better informed but none the wiser!

I am leafing through the SAM Datafile as I write!

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Hi John,

tried this build review? Look


this pre-view? Look

and a build blog too: Look

Thanks for that

I had spotted Tom Cleavers reviews but not the build thread which is good for noting possible problem areas on the build

Much appreciated


Hi John

don't trust the SAM Datafile drawings, John Adams says they are faulty. I don't 'do' 1/32nd but the PCM IX was rated from what I have read.


Thanks Troy

I am getting an afternoon off for a change hence this

Will have a look at the Hunter stuff too!


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