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Spitfire Mk.Ia P9324, 41 Squadron

Paul A H

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Whilst on a trip to Abington Park with my son this afternoon I noticed a couple of graves in the churchyard which had the RAF wings on them. I've been there many times but never noticed these graves before. One of them bore the name of Pilot Officer Gerald Archibald Langley, who was killed in action on 15 September 1940 - Battle of Britain day itself.

I've done a little bit of research and have found out that he belonged to 41 Squadron and was flying Spitfire Mk.Ia P9324 when he was shot down in combat with Bf109s. I'd like to have a go at building his aircraft, but I need some help with the markings. As a 41 Squadron aircraft, I assume the squadron code would have worn either EB or PN, but I don't know which. I am also unable to find out what the aircraft letter would have been. Can anyone help me please?

The second grave bore the name of Sgt C. Taylor, who was killed in an accident flying Miles M.9A Master I N7456 on the same day, but I'll need to source the Pavla kit before I start looking for anymore info on that aircraft!

Thanks in advance


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EB is correct, but i can't deliver the a/c letter.

Spitfire Mk.I P9324: 3-2-40 to 6MU, then 13-2-40 to 222 Sqn, then 31-3-40 to 41 Sqn

81641 Pilot Officer Gerald Archibald Langley

Born at Stony Stratford and educated at Wolverton Grammar School. His family moved to Northampton in 1936 and he started work with the Prudential Assurance co.

He joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, in March 1939, joining 41 Squadron from training at RAF Little Rissington, together with 3 colleagues, 3 of the 4 were not to survive the wars end.

41 Squadron (Spitfire) were based at Catterick in August 1940. The squadron had spent a busy period flying fighter sweeps over Northern France during the Battle of France and Dunkirk period.

The squadron was transferred to RAF Hornchurch, north of the Thames – and the thick of the Battle – on September 3rd.

On September 11th Gerald was shot down in Spitfire X4325 by return fire from a Junkers 88 over Sevenoaks; he baled out unhurt.

On Battle of Britain Day, 15th September, he was shot down and killed while in combat with a BF109S. His Spitfire, P9324, is believed to be that which crashed and burned out at Wick Farm, Buphan, Essex, He is buried in St. Peter and Paul Churchyard, Abington, Northampton. He was just 24 years old.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. In the absence of any evidence one way or another, I might have to take a punt on the a/c letter.

John - I don't seem to be able to find a website for the 41 Sqn association :hmmm:

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