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Die Wehrmacht Beutepanzer 1939-1945 - Casemate UK


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Die Wehrmacht Beutepanzer 1939-1945

Robert Johnson & Uwe Fist - Casemate UK


BEUEPANZER literately translates to bootytank, we would describe this as a captured tank. The Germans had a knack for taking captured equipment of all types and returning it for use within their own forces. It is safe to say there is very little material available which concentrates on this area of "re-use" within the German Army. This book will hopefully go some way to filling this gap.

The book arrives in a slightly larger than A-4 size Landscape form with hard covers. There are 262 pages and the book is broken down into 8 chapters; Polish Campaign, French Campaign, United Kingdom, Russian Campaign, United States, Italy, Hungary & Lend-Lease. The Russian Campaign and the French Campaign feature most in the book, as this is where the majority of vehicles were captured. The book brings all areas of vehicles from abandonment, through evaluation; and eventual reimplementation. The quality of the printing and photographs are excellent.

Example - French Campaign


Example - United States


This is a great looking book into an often forgotten part of the war. This was an area in which the Germany Army invested time and resources. Highly recommended reading if you like the more eccentric areas of WWII. It also gives some great diorama ideas for the modeller.


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