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*Nordic group build anyone? 30+ ready to the poll

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:goodjob: Thank you very much Col.

Seems you and I will be busy if these GBs pass the vote :lol:

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I'd love to join with this. Have had a Norwegian airforce interest for a long time, and have alot of sabres, F-5s, F-104s and F-16s (plus Vingtor decals!) to choise from. Would love to see this a runner!

Best regards, Paul

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I would love to join in too. Am already going to build a Norwegian Catalina for the lesser built air force's group build and still have at least 15 or so suitable kits and markings. May do something Danish seeing as my better half is!

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I would be up for this GB.

Probably in with a Danish Draken or Super Sabre. Or Starfighter, or any combination thereof.

Norwegian F-5A Flying Jokers.

I think that should do for starters!

Good luck Henrik.

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BTW I have a Matchbox Twin Otter is there any RNoAF decals available anywhere for it?

I'm afraid not - at least not yet. There are decals for civilan Wirderøe's decals though, from Lima November.


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http://stoppel.dk/shop/1-72-decals-142c1.htmlfor the Danish MLU The Norwegian you might can ask Vingtor

  1. hgbn Host
  2. Col. Co-host
  3. fatfingers
  4. Tiger331
  5. Viking
  6. Arniec
  7. jörgen stendahl
  8. Mozzy19
  9. Milktrip
  10. CliffB
  11. Jens
  12. Vingtor
  13. NorwegianWood
  14. Mitch K
  15. RNoAF Areobatic Team
  16. woody37
  17. Roland Pulfrew
  18. PaulR
  19. sartois66
  20. Chockhead
  21. Marlin
  22. Jørgen Tangerud
  23. vppel68
  24. SleeperService
  25. feoffe2
  26. modeling minion
  27. Andrew
  28. Squatty
  29. theplasticsurgeon
  30. lawnguylander
  31. -Neu-
  32. Wyverns4
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Would this be the best place to finally build my pair of Revell 1:72 F-16 A and B as Norwegian and Danish MLU birds? Anybody recommend decals for that?

Vingtor make great decals for the RNoAF F-16s. TwoBobs and Modeldecal have made decals for Danish F-16s, although the latter isn't for MLU birds.


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