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1978 Lotus 79


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Finally finished this one :) It's the first car model I've made, but the kit quality made it an easy one to start with.

Tamiya Lotus 79+ photoetch

EJan Andretti figure

F'artefice decals

I'd like to make another one at some point, but just as the bare chassis to go along with this one- so much gets hidden once it's all together.








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Thanks all for the comments :)

Beautiful work. What do you use as a clear coat?

I used Mr Color GX100- "super clear III" mixed with their leveling thinner (one part paint to two parts thinner)

Sprays really well, and didn't need any polishing to finish it.

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You made an excellent job of the Lotus, especially the gloss black, which looks stunning!! It's a very unforgiving colour to get right, but you certainly did, the finish looks flawless. I'm not a fan of this particular car, I just don't like the overly square shape, in fact I find it quite unattractive. I think the real beauty of the 79 is when the bodywork is removed. It really does take on a totally different look then ☺

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Superb build. The PE set adds some subtle detail for a realistic appearance.

To me, the major plus on your model is the driver. I really like the way you have done the belts, the finish on the helmet looks great too. Don't see enough race cars with seated drivers so well done.


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That looks excellent, the pinstriping is incredibly neat and I love seeing cars with drivers.

Beautiful work - almost enough to tempt me away from aircraft!

It does have wings :)


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