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That large Sharkmouthed Typhoon from Airfix (update 2016-08-22, Gun bay repainted, Build complet, RFI next!)

Christer A

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Thanks Everyone!

Just returned from the show and although I didn't score that high in my class, or even was close to the top three, I was given the Audience Favourite award!


And I've been longing for that Beagle-kit for a looong time!

Now, lets finish up those rockets.

There was a thread around here with info on how they were painted. Time to search for references.

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Well done Christer and the F-15 is a great kit I have made it myself enjoy!


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None taken!

Blue nose, checker band and all other splashes of blue color here and there were added during the summer -45.

I'm making it as it was during March and it wasn't that flamboyant then, or so the Airfix Model World supplement on the Bubble-top Typhoon tells me.

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Well Aviaeology helped with this scheme too, and when looking at their instructions (i just looked at screenshots about it, sorry) they show MP197 in this scheme during spring in 1945.

Anyaway, on to the latest:

I'd made a quite glaring mistake and followed the painting instructions by Airfix for the gunbays.

That's not they way it's supposed to be.

Steve Budd hase made a lot of research here IIRC and is quite adamant that no yellow zinc primer shall be used.

Aluminium paint and black cannons please!

I used a hairy stick and tried the best I could to make amends.
With some overdone weathering I think it could work...
Also, I managed to paint, decal and weather the rockets
And with that, we're off to RFI!
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On 3/29/2015 at 12:14 AM, Christer A said:

has 4 chambers in the revolver 

Very late to the party, but you lead us here via the other build log. Gorgeous engine and cockpit to this point in your build log, just a few quips. First, it's a shame the supercharger is flat against the firewall, she looked gorgeous! Second, I was looking over the instrument panels, which side and front are amazing looking, but you might want to check your cooling system, she looks to be running a bit hot!


Finally, this is more of a question regarding history and engines really, I always thought that only radial engines used a shotgun charge to start them, this appears to be an inline engine, is there any real difference between the two, and was this method of starting engine typical of the era?


Thanks in advance, I am sure there will be more questions and accolades to come!



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Thanks Anthony!

I guess that the cooling system running hot is the reason for the dismantled engine covers. ;)

Actually, the cooling temp is just as Airscale printed them, and awfully nice they are!

Have you seen the Airscale etche instrument panel for the gorgeous 1/24 Hellcat?

I might be tempted to get one..


Actually, a cordite starting system is more common than one might think.

Some Spitfires versions (Merlin engines) used a Coffman starter and even a few Jet engines like the Rolls-Royce Avon.

It's a quite compact system not reliant on external ground power or heavy battery equipment.

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10 hours ago, Christer A said:

Actually, a cordite starting system is more common than one might think. 

Actually just remembered a recent movie called "flight of the Phoenix" with Dennis Quaid. Basically their modern airplane (I have no idea what the plane is) uses this same system to start its engines. Not sure if the plane was old, but still useful, or if modern civilian aircraft still use this system today.


Either way, makes me want to replace the draw string on my lawnmower with this system!



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