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Glory to the Klingon Empire! 1/2500 K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser

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Hi Gang-

This is the 1/2500 K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser from Round 2/AMT's 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' Cadet Series kit. It is a part of a three-ship set that includes the USS Reliant and refit USS Enterprise. The paint scheme is inspired by the type on the Bird-Of-Prey class ships so it isn't accurate to any of K't'inga class ships in the movies. Main hull color is Testors OD Green, and the 'feathers' were painted with Testors Rust. The details were brought out with Testors Create-FX Dark Gray wash. I've really taken a liking to these Cadet Series starship models as they are a nice, quick detour from the more involved projects on my desk. Thanks for looking!









And how it scales out with the more "modern" Sovereign Class USS Enterprise-E;


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Nice. I only wish Polar LIghts/Round 2/AMT did a more manageable scale for their trek ships. 1/350 is just about ok for a BIrd of Prey or K'tinga/D7, but then if you want an Enterprise to match scale you're talking about 3ft or more (and don't get me started on the price)!!!

1/2500 is too small (in my opinion) and they don't make a Bird of Prey in that scale (afaik, because it'd be even smaller than your K'Tinga there) and the only other option is 1/1000 (and they (AMT/Round2/Polar Lights) don't make a Bird of Prey in that scale either, you can only get a quite rare "garage" maker "early" variant in Resin)!!

Anyhow very nice looking model. That had to be even harder to paint than a 1/72 "Braille scale" model. Hats off to you.


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