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Mig-29A Fulcrum

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Afternoon all, I've had this one in my stash for a few years now which I picked up from ebay for £12 from Northern Ireland. I wanted an A version rather than the later. The model itself had been started but I pulled it apart to start afresh. I used my reference books which proved invaluable and helped me correct the errors. I used a quick boost seat and front FOD guards and I had to purchase some decals as the original 1990 ones were shot. I scratch built the upper FOD guards from plasticard but I'm not 100% happy with the top angle but if I constructed them to be totally flat then the sidewalls would be way out of scale. I won't bore anybody with the changes I made but there were a few. I painted it by mixing those Revell blue pots rather than buy dedicated paints and I've gone for the worn look applying a very watery splash of light grey and the picked out the panels with a dirty wash. The exhaust cans are done with alclad and then weathered with pastels. Static whips are toothbrush hairs, wheels have been ironed. The canopy cover is paper mâché with tamiya tape. The rockets pods were a kind donation from Shaunb from another forum. I'm not particularly good at photography and I have even less interest!.









You may notice the port wing is slightly bent and no amount of heat could straighten it. The RBF tags are all home made all taken from the Reference books.

Hope you like it


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