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USS George Washington - SSBN 598 - 1/350 scale Micro-Mir kit

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Another excellent 1/350 scale submarine from Micro-Mir - the first Polaris ballistic missile submarine, USS George Washington SSBN 598.

Box art......


Instruction sheet....


Assembly diagram and parts layout....


Decals sheet and etched brass - note that decals are supplied for all 5 of the class - 598 G. Washington, 599 Patrick Henry, 600 T. Roosevelt, 601 Robert E. Lee and 602 Abraham Lincoln.

Two types of etched propeller are also supplied - early and late.....


I only have a plastic test shot so far...... (thanks Sergey)


The George Washington was made using a lengthened Skipjack hull to accomodate the 16 Polaris missiles - here's the missile decking being test-fitted.....


.... and a comparison with Micro-Mir's own Skipjack kit........


I only have the plastic parts - so I downloaded the box art and other images from Micro-Mir's website.

That didn't stop me starting the model though.........and it is now ready for painting....


More to come.....

This is a very welcome addition of a historic submarine to the collection - kudos to Micro Mir for producing it... :thumbsup::worthy:


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