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Gloster Meteor F.4 Decals. 1:32


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Gloster Meteor F.4 Decals
1:32 Pheon Decals


Pheon Decals are probably best known for their superb range of decals for World War 1 aircraft in the three major scales. But with the release of the HK Models 1:32 Gloster Meteor F.4, Rowan has branched out and released two fabulous sets of decals for this kit. The two sets each provide markings for two aircraft along with enough stencils for one model. Presentation of the sets is beautifully done too, with a colour profile of the two options printed on one sheet of glossy printer paper along with two further sheets depicting the top and bottom views respectively. These are so good the modeller could easily mount them in a frame on completion of the build and would look resplendent on the man cave wall. Two other sheets, printed on standard paper, one double sided is provided to give clear and accurate locations for all the stencils on each side, top and bottom of the fuselage along with the upper and lower wings. A small A5 booklet completes the set with a brief history of each squadron, a note on the paintwork of the Meteors, some information on details the HK kit is missing, notably certain panels and instructions on the best method for applying the decals.

The research taken is self evident and the decals are beautifully printed, with excellent colour density and opacity, whilst keeping the carrier film to a minimum. The large areas of carrier film usually seen on the underwing codes have been reduced to the minimum. There is just a thin strip of film at the top and bottom of each code, just enough to keep them together at the correct distance, yet dramatically reducing the possibility of silvering.

Volume 1, (32054). Contains markings for the following:-

VT219 C 63 Squadron, RAF Thorney Island, Hampshire, 1950
VZ420 1 Squadron, RAF Tangmere, Sussex, 1950.





Volume 2, (32055). Contains markings for:-

VT413 W 56 Squadron, RAF Waterbeach, Cambridge, 1951.
VZ240 263 Squadron, RAF Acklington, Northumberland, 1950.




Rowan has kept the quality of these sets well up to his usual, may I say fastidious standard. All in all a superb package, well thought out and printed, especially with those glossy colour profiles. For once Im running out of superlatives, but if you have one or more copies of the kit then you need these decals. Very highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of Pheon Decals


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