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Caudron Trio: 635, 690 and 714, 1/72


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Two days ago I visted (for the second time) Le Bourget museum in Paris. I've just seen Caudron 630, which is there. This turn me to post a Caudron family from my shelves, I made them as one set in 2007 :) :

1. Caudron 635 Simoun (light transport, Heller, 1/72) - "white six", A/C N.423, EP (Escadrille de prospection), Armee de l'Air Flying School No.51, Melun-Villaroche. destroyed (?) in accident made by S/C Domenge 29th of March 1940.

2. Caudron 690 (advanced trainer, scrtach build, 1/72) - "black eight", A/C N.8, Flying school at Rochelle-Laleu, June 1940

3. Caudron 714 (fighter, Heller 1/72), "white ten", GC1/145 (Polish), May-June 1940

Please have a look at them and enjoy

caudron trio DSC02884caudron trio DSC02883caudron trio DSC02882caudron trio DSC02881







Thank you for watching











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Thank you very much mates for comments :) I appreciete it very much.

Can you expand on how you built the 690?

The basis of the fuselage was deeply reshaped Caudron 714. The same with the canopy. The very front (propeller and inlet to engine) was done as resin copy of Ca.635 and then a bit reshaped. Also the u/c. Wings - I used top parts of Ca.714, reshaped and the bottom was done from plastic card. The slots were formed from thin plasctic card. Unfortunately I did not done any photos documenting work....

Some more photos of Ca 690M (in fact 100% scratch build)

caudron 690 DSC02902caudron 690 DSC02901caudron 690 DSC02899




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