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1/700 Colombo Express (Revell)

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The decals have really helped to bring the model to life! I have to keep reminding myself that this build is in 1/700!


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Can you get 1/700 Somali Pirates?

Ha ha! Well, you have the Zumwalt along to vaporise them. You could do a pirate diorama - two ships with a big puddle of oil and ripples between them and call it "You should have been here five minutes ago".

Now there's an idea....!

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I need to write a opinion concerning Revell Germany. I had lost one of the anchors of my Colombo Express. And I wrote a email to Revell Germany in January explaining my "problem" and if they could to send me one anchor for this model kit. Today, I received a box with two of this anchors. All for free.

Thank you REVELL!!! :) :)



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