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Aston Martin DBR9 Airfix 1/32

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Hi mates!

Very long time from my previous post here... By that time I used to (try to) build aircrafts; now I'm here with I car which I must admit it's something completely new to me.

I started this build a few moths ago, I started a thread at the Airfix Tribute forum but being an Aston I suposse it's not a bad idea to post it here too. So these pics show the progress to the moment.... Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking :D

The model its quite well enginereed, in my opinion... Good fit, till now, and only small amounts of flash and a few ejector marks here and there....



I started to add some bits I found out looking at pics of the real thing on the Internet. I'm not, at all, an expert on cars so I'm sure I'm making mistakes but I'm taking this build as a new start on modeling so mistakes should be expected, isn't it? :lol:






As I didn't like the way the boot (if that is the name for the trunk) area look I decided to add a few bits of Evergreen here and there....



... Improved a bit some pieces and build others from scratch...


After some work this is the way it looks...


One thing I was not very happy with was the way Airfix represented the vents behind the wheels with only a couple of decals...


I also added belts to the seat with masking tape


The cockpit (is that the word for a car?) had no sidewalls so I made them


Final stages of detailing before priming




The refuelling "cap" was not very well represented so I deleted them and I'm trying to replicate using styrene sheet.


Never primed a model before but as almost anyone building cars do this as a basis I decided it was a must for me too :lol: I used Mr Surfacer 1000 diluted al 50% ratio with it solvent and airbrushed at 1,5 bar.


...And this is how priming has gained a fan :D I love the way the pimer add strength to the scratchbuilt pieces and what's more add smooth to the surfaces... Will keep doing it for sure...


The bodywork its almost ready. I engraved some rivets, filled big holes, etc...


Already glued the bumper as it doesnt fit very well...


May be the more time comsuming parts were the rear air vents...


They look more or less convincing, in my opinion...


Not a big progress but I primed the bodywork to locate fails... Some pics...





...Then primed in white...



... And then airbrushed with Zero's Gulf Blue...




Here you can see the finished paintwork and a couple of gloss coats aplied in preparation for decals.





Now on to THE DECALS!!!! Will be my first decaling work in six years :wow:



Okay decaling finished. Finally, the Colorado decals sheet was quite overscaled :(


That's why a ended using all the orange from the Airfix kit and only used from the Colorado sheet those ones needed for representing the car during the race.

On the orange area over the side windows, I used the airfix decals and carefully cut and applied the blue line from Colorado over that.... With a good ammount of Microsol it looks convincing to me.

Airfix decals did not nclude all the orange you need for the intakes on the car nose. You need to use some paint to cover them. I used Vallejo mixed to my eye. Once clear coated I think the will look good enough.


Anyway, I think the Colorado decal sheet is a good investment as include all the decals for the race car as well as the 007 numbering, quite more "iconic", in my opinion, being an Aston Martin.



Now on to the clear coating again....

Hope you like the pics. :D

Edited by JuanjoDominguez

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Great work here.

I've built two different versions of this kit and have another in my stash....

I'll be watching yours with great interest.


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That is some very impressive work so far, looking forward to seeing the finished item! Also, your photography is excellent as well, a real pleasure to see the model, even in its unfinished stages, with the lighting and backgrounds used.

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That is just amazing, the amount of detail on such a small scale car is just mind boggling


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Now that IS nice! Look forward to the next instalment!

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Welcome back Juanjo. You have n't lost your touch.

Beautiful work on your Aston. She's sure to be another stunner when complete. Thanks for taking the time to share your photos.


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What a beauty, I've failed twice at building one of these into anything nice. Will you be using the kit supplied wheels with the moulded tyres? I wasn't keen on them but then again I'm nowhere near your level of modelling ability to make them look convincing.

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I bought one of these cars in a set with the jag aswell and i will most definitely be using yours as inspiration


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The details you've added, for that scale are amazing, Juanjo. If you ever want to try another, I can offer a couple of pictures of the cockpit area and centre console from the 2007 winning car for you :winkgrin:

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How do you photograph like that. Wow! Makes me embarrassed of my stupid iPhone pics.

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Thats a stunning looking Aston!

Looking forward to seeing it finished


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