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Tonka F2 to F3 in 1/32nd?

Pete in Lincs

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I've been given a Revell Tornado F2 in 32nd scale

to build as a Saudi F3. Specifically the F3 that is

On the gate of the RSAF museum here in Riyadh.

It's for one of the guys who put that airframe there.

I was on GR1's so the F's are slightly off topic for me.

Main question is, The box says F2 but markings inside

are (or seem to be) for a RSAF F3?

So what is the main difference?

This will be a quick/simple build, OOB with anything

extra scratchbuilt. The seats for example are awful!

Any help gratefully accepted.

My payment? an Airfix 1/48th Buccaneer. Fair swap!


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Biggest difference external is the F3 had the rear fuselage extended by 14 inches, due to the mk 104 engines. This also meant a change in the fairing at the base of the tailplane.


The F3 could also carry 4 AAMs on the wing pylonss rather than the 2 on the F2

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