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Diorama accessory sets

Videoaviation 1:32


The latest releases from Videoaviation.com these three sets for USAF and USN based dioramas/vignettes. Each set is manufactured in a creamy beige resin which is really well moulded and detailed. Each set also includes a figure which adds some human interest to a diorama.

[130832] This set contains flightline fire extinguishers as used by the USAF. Inside the sturdy cardboard box are two poly zip lock bags of creamy beige resin parts, a couple of parts wrapped in bubble wrap, a small decal sheet and the instruction sheet. The resin is beautifully rendered, with no signs of bubbles or other flaws. The casting blocks don’t look to difficult to remove, but it will take a razor saw to do the best job on the larger parts. The large halon extinguisher sits in a hand pushed, although there is a towing eye so could be attached to the back of a truck or tractor, trolley and is made up of the framework, extinguisher tank which has a separate nozzle and retaining clip, the trolley wheels a rubber hose and the extinguisher head. The included figure comes in three parts the body, including head and legs and the separate arms. These are meant to be attached in such a pose as to have the figure pushing the trolley. The kit also includes three hand held extinguishers which come as the main tank, separate handle and some more of the rubber hose. The painting guide is pretty simple and the decals provided are well printed and include the general markings used on these extinguishers.





[141132] makes up into an Aero 12C Bomb Skid. Contained in a zip-lock bag with a card liner, on the back of which are the instructions, this is once again moulded in the creamy beige resin. The mouldings are really well rendered and the details crisp and clean. Construction is quite simple, with the main skid body being fitted with the two wheels, rear stands and the two long arms. If you are going to use the provided figure then the hand rings on the end of the arms need to be removed. There is only a small amount of cleanup required once the parts have been removed from the casting blocks, but be aware of the handles as they are quite fragile and require the flash between them and the block to be carefully removed. As with the above set the figure is complete apart from the arms which make it easier to pose as the modeller wishes. Also make note that most of the time only one handle is attached, as in the picture below.




[141232] Contained in a zip-lock bag with card liner, this is the simplest of the three sets as it contains the figure, again with separate arms, and six holdbacks, as used to hold back the aircraft nose wheel when on the catapult shoe. The resin is the same colour as that used in the sets above and is of equal quality. There are no instructions as the assembly is so simple and the colours are shown on the card liner.




If you’re going to build a one of the amazing 1:32 aircraft on the market you may want to give it even more of a lift by placing it a diorama. For that you will need accessories such as these, and you really can’t go wrong with Videoaviations releases, as they are of superb quality and provide those little details that aren’t usually noticed on the flightline or flightdeck. Very highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of

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Evening, All.

I recently bought several Videoaviation resin bits-and-pieces.

I entirely agree with the comments made above. Very nice details, well-moulded, good boxes / presentation and a bit cheaper than some resin producers we could mention. The shipping charge from Italy was pretty darn reasonable and the items took about 2.5 weeks to arrive on my UK doorstep.

Very much recommended.



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Thanks for the compliments, I'm sorry for the long shipping time, I've many buyers in the UK, and from what I know the average is between one week and ten days. Greetings from Italy.

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Hello, from the UK.

I didn't put that in as a criticism of the shipping time.... I actually thought that was fairly quick!


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