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Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Seatbelts (for 1:24 Airfix)

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Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Seatbelts (for Airfix)
1:24 HGW Models


Following our review of the new Airfix Typhoon here, HGW have released a set of superb pre-coloured, laser cut fabric seatbelts with Photo-Etch (PE) buckles and fixtures. Arriving in a flat pack with internal card stiffener, the pack includes a sheet of "micro-textile" and a fret of PE parts, with full instructions on the rear insert.

If you've read any of my reviews of this new type of super-realistic seatbelt, you'll know I'm a fan, and the effort is really worth it. They can be a little fiddly at 1:48, but in glorious 1:24 they will be much easier to handle. Making them is very similar to making the real thing, as you thread each buckle and fitment onto the belts, securing the parts with super-glue. The fabric itself is supplied on a backing sheet that you peel off, and then scrunch up the fabric to make it pliable. Remove the PE parts from the fret as you need them, and follow the instructions carefully, using tweezers and lots of patience. This set is large enough to allow a PE insert to fit behind the main belts to depict the metal eyes that cover the ends. The un-etched rings project through holes laser cut into the belts, and should look superb once done. The top anchor threads through the seat armour and secures at the rear of the cockpit, while the lap belts affix to the sides of the seat. You can then drape the belts realistically within the cockpit, securing key parts with super glue to retain their position.

A brilliant & innovative product that I will use wherever possible in my models. It's not the sort of task you want to do after a bad day at work when next door's dog is barking incessantly, but if you approach it as a task that requires some time and attention, you'll be stunned at how good the belts look when done. The Airfix Typhoon's cockpit is highly detailed from the box, and these belts are just the icing on the cake.

Extremely highly recommended.


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